Is ILP Selandar a public education institution?

Yes, ILP Selandar is a public education institution under the Department of Manpower where there are 32 Training Institutions of the Department of Manpower namely 8 ADTEC, 1 JMTI and 23 ILP. All under the supervision of the Department of Human Resources (JTM), Ministry of Human Resources (KSM).

What courses does ILP Selandar offer?

At the moment, there are 3 courses offered, namely;

1) Computer Technology (Systems) Certificate

2)    Certificate in Computer Technology (Network)

3)    Certificate in Software Technology (Programming)

4) Mechanical CADD Certificate (Oil & Gas)

5) Industrial Product Design Technology Certificate

What are the qualifications required to enter ILP Selandar?

Eligibility to enter ILP Selandar is;

-       Minimum SPM (PASS Malay Language, Mathematics, History and 1 Other Subject)

-       Malaysian citizens

-       Age 17 years and above

How to apply to ILP Selandar?

Recruitment to ILJTM is done twice a year, in January and July every year. Ads will be released in March and September.

The way to apply is through Online Application (online).

1) JTM Website (www.jtm.gov.my/permohonaniljtm</ a>)

2) UPU Website, Department of Higher Education (http://upu.mohe. gov.my)

How long is the study period at ILP Selandar?

The duration of the course at ILP Selandar is 1 year 9 months (21 months) including Industrial Training (at a related company or agency),

EXCEPT Software Technology Certificate Course (Programming) which takes 2 years 3 months (27 months) including Industrial Training (at a related company or agency)

What is the learning concept carried out at ILP Selandar?

The courses conducted are skill-based courses, where the emphasis is on skills (between 60% and 70%), while theory (between 30% and 40%).

Are the skill areas that are carried out at ILP Selandar recognized by the Malaysian Government?

Yes, all courses conducted at ILJTM are recognized by the Skills Development Department (JPK) which is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources and an additional bonus for those who follow training at ILJTM where there are additions to the subjects taught so that the students are more prepared to face the world of work later

Where can I continue my studies after finishing my studies?

Graduates of ILP Selandar can continue their studies at Skill Training institutions either under the Department of Manpower (JTM), the Ministry of Youth and Sports and MARA. Among the institutes under JTM are Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI), and Advanced Technology Training Center (ADTEC). The institute offers training up to Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.


Other institutes are such as Malaysian-France Institute (MFI), German Malaysian Institute (GMI), National Youth Higher Skills Institute (IKTBN) and other institutions that offer Skills Diplomas.

What are my job opportunities in the public sector?

Students can enter the field of employment in the private or public sector because the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) has been recognized by the Public Service Department (JPA).