Realizing the objectives of the institute by providing support services and facilities especially in System Administration (Applications, Computers & Network), Multimedia and Libraries.

Among the duties and responsibilities that need to be carried out include the following aspects:

System Administration

  • Operate, maintain and monitor the institute's ICT infrastructure and systems.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Operation of ICT Equipment in Laboratory / Office / Server Room
  • Disposal/ borrowing of Capital Property And Inventory
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of Online Application Systems such as Hrmis, MyGovUC email, Training Management System (TMS), Learning Management System (LMS), eProcurement, Short-Term eCourses and others.


  • Development and Maintenance of the Institute's Official Website and updating the content of the website from time to time
  • Preparation of articles, graphics and videos for social media and website announcements
  • Graphic design support services/ video editing/ Camera equipment


  • Loan of Reading Materials
  • Return of Reading Material
  • Receipt of Reading Materials from Suppliers