Ts. Dr. Hj. Sabri bin Zainuddin, AMP


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Greetings and Welcome to the Official Website of ILP Selandar.


     Institut Latihan Perindustrian (ILP) Selandar is one of the Training Institutions under the Manpower Department (JTM), Ministry of Human Resources (KSM). ILP Selandar was established on 14 May 2004 and was built under the 8th Malaysia Plan (RMK 8) on 55 acres of land in Mukim Selandar, Jasin District, Melaka. ILP Selandar is able to accommodate a total of 660 students and consists of a total of 75 staff members.

     ILP Selandar was built to meet the country's aspirations in the desire to achieve the status of a developed industrialized country through TVET skills training. To that end, ILP Selandar plays a role as a skills training provider for school leavers to produce skilled industrial workers in various key fields such as Computer Technology (Systems), Computer Technology (Networks), Computer Technology (Software and Web Applications) and also the field of Mechanical CADD (Oil and Gas Piping Drawing) and Industrial Product Design. In addition, ILP Selandar is also a skills training centre for industrial workers who want to improve their knowledge and skills (reskilling and upskilling) in the fields offered in the Short Term Course (KJP). This KJP offer is open to private and government agencies. in various fields of related skill training. ILP Selandar is always committed to meeting the needs of customers to ensure that the training provided is in line with the manpower requirements required by related industries. Several forms of collaboration with the industry and related agencies are implemented to strengthen the role of ILP Selandar in producing a skilled workforce and TVET programs in this country. For information, in line with the field of computing training offered at ILP Selandar, all teaching staff always strive to strengthen skills training in programs related to Industry 4.0.

     There are many facilities provided at ILP Selandar for the use of all ILP Selandar citizens. The facilities provided are expected to help create a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for students.

     I warmly welcome all visitors to the ILP Selandar Website. Hopefully, all the information included can help visitors to get to know ILP Selandar more closely.

Thank you.


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